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Ice-pak dispenser

Here is the dispenser that you have been seeking for a long time. This product, the cream and milk commercial ice-pak dispenser, is exclusive to Miro-Innovations since it’s inception in 1998, and was created specifically for consumer use.

We have been in the coffee-break domaine for twenty-five years. The environment being an issue that we take to heart, we felt the need to create a dispenser that could eventually diminish the use of creamers presently used in most areas that sell coffee.

There are many advantages to our cream and milk commercial ice-pak dispensers. Save by buying large formats instead of small creamers, avoid theft of small creamers that are easy to carry out, save time cleaning and picking up garbage, eliminate loss from dairy product spoilage, get faster turnover at the coffee counter all while presenting an environmentally friendly image to the clients who are environmentally conscious.

Our cream and milk ice-pak dispenser is easy to use and quick to use when there is a rush at the coffee service counter. This new concept is in great demand by business cafeterias, universities and cegeps across the province, and hospital cafeterias that have budget restraints as they help save a lot of money. Our cream and milk dispensers can also be seen in ski stations and especially in corner stores that have a fast-food counter and that serve coffee.
Our main clients are business and industry cafeteria managers, coffee break services that add this complement to their coffee dispensers and many corner stores that have created a quick snack and coffee section that is so fashionable at the moment.

Our cream and milk ice-pak dispenser is sold to clients who don’t have access to an electrical outlet at their counter. The dispenser is delivered with two 2.7 liter containers (equivalent to 360 15ml creamers) that are easy to fill and seated on a plastic box containing 4 ice-paks. The top is protected by a cover that holds 2 ice-paks and can keep it cold between 8 and 12 hours, depending on use. The milk and cream dispenser unit is activated by simply pushing on one side or the other. You can personalize your dispenser to fit your environment.

Ours dispenser is made of resistant ABS plastic, both inside and out and is thermally insulated. Since our cream and milk ice-pak dispenser is compact, it is easy to find a space that is both accessible and visible to the consumer.

Miro-Innovations is proud to distribute its product across North America. We offer an exceptional after sale service and also offer parts and components for our dispensers.

For more information on our commercial cream and milk ice-pak dispensers, contact our representative who would be pleased to answer all of your questions.

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